Sepray OH-70C Ventilator (Non-invasive, CE)

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OH-70C sale valid until April 24 for up to 700 units. Global CNF Shipping included. As of September 23, 2020 we can provide 900 OH-70C units every 10 days.

One of two government-recommended respiratory ventilators for treatment of moderate to severe COVID-19 patients. 

The Sepray OH-70C non-invasive ventilator is officially recommended by People’s Republic of China and has been effectively deployed in Wuhan and cities across Spain, Italy, and Serbia. The heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device (HFNC) features automatic 02 concentration control technology, intelligent temperature and humidity control system, up to 70L/min high flow output. The OH-70C comes with technical support from the factory and a 1-year warranty. Both the CE certificate for this model and our proof of partnership with Micomme are available upon request.

MOQ: 5